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Advocacy Of Physical, Haptic, Live And Cutting Edge Technological Work

An immediate impact between artist and audience. With this the spectator experiences firsthand the purity of the message of the work of art at the moment it is revealed, in the fulness of its power.

We at the gallery believe the work of art can be seen not only as an idea or image which unfurls over time, but as something revelatory.

A manifestation born and immortalised in one.


MILKandLEAD started as an independent art gallery in October 2009. We provided a space for contemporary artists and sought to provide a platform that would act as a place of exposure for new talent. The gallery immersed themselves in the subculture scene, via this reaching a wide and varied audience. A hallmark of MILKandLEAD was that we offered the possibility of an interactive experience for both audience and artist into art, music and performance.

MILKandLEAD are now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, enabling us further to seek out and provide funding for new and exciting artists from many alternative scenes and disciplines. The Charity is supported by institutions, organisations and independent donations.

We are providing a generating apparatus for cultural innovation and contemporary art. This will be pursued via workshops and seminars open to all. The continuation of the gallery’s fully interactive and interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art provides may exciting possibilities for both emerging artist, critic and audience alike.

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    Cultural Messengers Heralds of the Now

    MILKandLEAD Art Gallery artists represent current social and cultural movements. They show signs of heralding in aspects of the revolutionary new in contemporary art.

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    High Standard, Contemporary Spectacle

    MILKandLEAD Art Galley showcases and helps develop ideas, practices and responses around identities, physicalities, sexualities. Sound, visuals, and other senses are all brought to the edges of familiar experience with the work we curate and commission.

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    Sound Art Triennale
    Every two years new concepts and unconventional forms of sound expression are represented by international artists invited to showcase their research.
    DELIQUIUM highlights the international reach of the underside of culture. It is a unique possibility to see the evolution of sound; a melting pot where ideas, concepts and music design technology merge together to give the audience a revelation that signs the sound of now.
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    Workshops, Lectures and Seminars

    MILKandLEAD Art GalleryWorkshops, Lectures and Seminars are aunique learning context with the aim of encouraging individuals to engage with contemporary art and culture. These events are run by professionals, teachers, artists and creative experts.


MILKandLEAD Art Gallery is constantly looking for the revolutionary new in contemporary art.

Your art will be selected to give you the possibility to be among the representative current social or cultural movements.

Exhibitions will be shown at MILKandLEAD Art Gallery and other locations in and around the London area.


MILKandLEAD’s Workshops, Seminars and Lectures are a unique opportunity for you to explore contemporary art.

These events take place in hired spaces where participants encounter artists alongside their artwork and/or experts in the field of contemporary art. Focused on critical and practical skills related to contemporary culture where participants are asked to explore new concepts with an approach to learning based on interaction between the participants.

Each session is tailor-made to approach different interests in the field of contemporary art and in some cases certain abilities/interests will be required. The programmes are open to all but in some cases limited space and age restriction could be applied.

Certificate of participation, audio, video, photo and written documentation will be provided.

Chief Executives

Francesco Vertucci
Founder / Artistic Director

Responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and focus of MILKandLEAD, and involvement in ongoing decisions about the continuing development of the aesthetic values of the gallery. Areas of expertise include research into subculture and exhibition design.

Francesco Carvelli
Managing Director

Leads MILKandLEAD through the effective development, coordination and delivery of its strategy. Responsible for running the overall business of MILKandLEAD, managing its day-to-day operations and overseeing it’s operating model.

Board of Trustees

Michaele Hawkins

A leader with over 20 years project management experience in the private and public sector, with a career focus on the development and management of highly successful volunteer programmes.

Jasmine Bälder
Co Founder / Trustee

Art passionate with a background in fashion design. Being involved in different art projects, performances and theatre. Supporting MILKandLEAD Art Gallery research.

Violetta Wojcik

Enthusiastic art fellow currently working as Insurance Broker in the City of London. Supporting MILKandLEAD Art Gallery with administrative and legal aspects and public relations.

References: Walter Benjamin, Martin Heidegger, Antonin Artaud, Ludwig Wittgenstein.
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