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Est. 2009 ~ London, England

An immediate impact between artist and audience. With this the spectator experiences first-hand the purity of the message of the work of art at the moment it is revealed, in the fullness of its power.

We at the gallery believe that art can be seen not only as an idea or image which unfurls over time, but as something revelatory: a manifestation born and immortalised in one.

MILKandLEAD Art Gallery is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation supported by donors, members, patrons, ambassadors, organisations and partners. A dynamic platform for cultural innovation and art: interactive, transdisciplinary and open to everyone.

MILKandLEAD started as an independent art gallery in October 2009. We provided a space for contemporary artists and sought to provide a platform that would act as a place of exposure for new talent. The gallery immersed itself in the sub-culture scene, reaching a wide and varied audience.

The hallmark of MILKandLEAD was that we offered the possibility of an interactive experience for both the audience and artist into the world of art, music and performance. MILKandLEAD is now a charitable organisation enabling us to seek out and provide funds for new and exciting artists from many alternative scenes and disciplines.

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    Award for Cultural Messengers: Voices of the Now

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    Cutting Edge – Contemporary Spectacles

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    Unique learning context to engage with art and culture

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    Sound Art Exhibition Triennial
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Your art will be selected to give you the opportunity to represent the current social and cultural movements.

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Sound, visuals, and other senses are all brought to the edge of familiar experience with the work that we curate and commission.

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Workshops, seminars and lectures are a unique opportunity for you to explore the latest innovative cutting edge art technology.

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Every three years new concepts and unconventional forms of sound expression are represented by international artists invited to showcase their research.


There are many ways for you to support the gallery

donate • volunteer • become a member


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+44 (0) 20 8880 8696

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London, United Kingdom


Board of Trustees

Jasmine Bälder

Jasmine is passionate about art with a background in fashion design. She has been involved in different art projects, performances and theatre. She supports the MILKandLEAD Art Gallery research.

Michaele Hawkins

Michaele has over 20 years project management experience in the private and public sector, with a career focus on the development and management of highly successful volunteer programmes.

Violetta Wojcik

Violetta is an enthusiastic art fellow, currently working as an Insurance Broker in the City of London. She supports MILKandLEAD Art Gallery with the administrative and legal aspects, and public relations.

Chief Executives

Francesco Vertucci
Founder / Artistic Director

Francesco is responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and focus of MILKandLEAD. He is involved in the ongoing decisions about the development of the aesthetic values of the gallery. His areas of expertise include research into subculture and exhibition design.

Francesco Carvelli
Managing Director

Francesco leads MILKandLEAD by managing the development, coordination and delivery of its strategy. He is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operation of the gallery and overseeing it’s operating model.

References: Walter Benjamin, Martin Heidegger, Antonin Artaud, Ludwig Wittgenstein.